Key Strengths
Key Strengths

Investing has been our core business for more than 25 years. Wellington and York Partners' has grown through many, varied cycles to become a prominent specialized asset manager. Our global presence is complemented by local specialized investment centres and service teams in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia.

Dedicated asset management

Asset management is, and always has been our core business. As an active investment manager we use a disciplined approach and operate within a solid risk management framework. Wellington and York Partners' is committed to innovation, building on our heritage as a pioneer in fund investing throughout the globe to launch new strategies and products.

Research-driven investing

To innovate the way we invest, Wellington and York Partners' strongly believes that a scientific research-driven approach is required. Therefore, we have established important ties to the academic world, for instance by stimulating our investment professionals to be part-time faculty members as well. An example of innovation through academic research concerns our various quantitative strategies, such as low volatility investing.

Different angle, different approach

Independent thinking has been central to Wellington and York Partners' success over the past 25 years. As Investment Engineers, we believe in looking at things from a different angle. We translate our vision of future global and economic trends into relevant insights and better solutions for our clients.

Excellent service

We are pleased to note that our clients recognize us for providing top service levels.